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The term “climate change” is one so universal it has become worn-out and unlikely to generate much of an emotional response in many individuals. Yet we can no longer call what is happening to our environment just “climate change,” it is a climate crisis!

This is a human-caused problem which will have devastating human impacts and we need to be working on the solution in this moment. There are so many aspects and details that affect it, how we live, how we build, what we eat, how we get around. Despite this environmental destruction our consumption and production habits remain in a carbon-locked position. So, to get through this climate emergency we must cut our carbon emissions in half by 2030 and to almost zero by 2050.

The Carbon Crisis resource brings together students from various disciplines with varying viewpoints together to provide a simple, clear and concise reference source on carbon literacy by exploring various concepts that includes topics such as climate change, carbon, energy sources, materials, building design, petrochemicals, transportation, work, diet, clothing and textiles, electronics, waste, urban design, certification, and cultural transformation.

It is an evergreen resource which will be updated as new information becomes available.

Lloyd Alter [May 2021/2022]