4.6 Carbon: Carbon inequality

To better understand what carbon inequality is, we'll first be looking at what is known as the carbon budget. Then we'll discuss what the issue is with carbon inequality, how it affects the global population both geographically and socio-economically, and why it should inform climate change policies. By Wandia Muchiri

12.2 Clothing and Textiles: Materials

The fashion industry is increasingly profiting from our culture of overconsumption, however, there are many people who are beginning to acknowledge these issues that have encouraged slow fashion consumption and movements within the fashion industry. This includes where, and how a fibre or textile and sourced, how they are treated and who that affects along the way. By Jenny Truc Uyen Chung

15.3 Urban Design: Walkability (1)

Author: Meimei Yang ABSTRACT: Walkability is the quantitative and qualitative measure of how friendly an area is to walking, including a multitude of factors ranging from climate change, economy, health, equity and community. Image 1 Source: Designing healthy communities: Testing the walkability model MAIN: By way of the word “Walkability” it should be inherently understood … Continue reading 15.3 Urban Design: Walkability (1)