11.3 Diet: Vegetarian/Vegan

Author: Alaa Abd-El-Aatty ABSTRACT: Food’s carbon footprint is the production of greenhouses gas from growing, harvesting, manufacturing, transporting, storing, cooking as well as disposing of food. Avoiding meat and dairy products (becoming vegetarian or vegan) is one of the biggest ways to reduce environmental impact and help fight climate change. Image credit: Our World in … Continue reading 11.3 Diet: Vegetarian/Vegan

11.6 Diet: Environment and Urban Sustainability

In 2007, Architect Donald Chong developed a concept called, “Small Fridges Make Better Cities,” and it essentially proposed that if we could shop locally more often, use smaller fridges, and walk to the store instead of drive, it would open up our neighbourhoods to less traffic and more lively and connected communities. By Madeleine Jung-Grennan