It’s A Climate Crisis

Students taking The Sustainable Design class at The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University come from a range of creative disciplines including Interior Design, Journalism, Fashion, and Environmental Studies. Lecturer Lloyd Alter assigned each student an aspect of the climate crisis, with the intent of creating a useful resource covering a wide range of topics.

3.9 Dealing With Climate: Decoupling

While economic growth persists as a presiding societal objective, its cyclical relationship with climate emissions has demonstrated that neither can be sustained without harmful environmental repercussions. Decoupling, a dissolution of the aforementioned relationship, has since been proposed as a means of establishing an economy capable of continual growth without inflicting further damage to the environment. By Brynn Tauro

3.17 Carbon: Decoupling-the relationship between economic development and CO2 emissions

To achieve carbon dioxide emission reduction we need to analyze the relationship between economic development and CO2 emissions. Generally, the goal for both developed and developing countries is to maintain their economic growth at sustainable rates. However, economic growth can appear to conflict with emission reductions when CO2 emissions are intricately linked with the country’s gross domestic product. By Michael Witkowicz

4.6 Carbon: Carbon inequality

To better understand what carbon inequality is, we'll first be looking at what is known as the carbon budget. Then we'll discuss what the issue is with carbon inequality, how it affects the global population both geographically and socio-economically, and why it should inform climate change policies. By Wandia Muchiri