9.3 Transportation: The Battery Problem

Author: Malak Fathy ABSTRACT: The battery problem stems from battery management and the batteries itself. The more people utilize devices, the more they need to be powered, therefore the more energy needs to be generated. Image credit: (Fogelman, 2019) MAIN: The battery problem is an issue that is environmentally deteriorating. Matters that arise with batteries … Continue reading 9.3 Transportation: The Battery Problem

9.9 Transportation: Aviation

Author: Josiah Becker ABSTRACT: Global aviation activities are creating immense air pollution, increasing at a consequential rate, and creating unsustainable emissions of CO2. Image: CC_Pixabay MAIN: The central issue with aviation is the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced in the internal combustion engines of aircrafts. In 2018, global CO2 levels resulting from both passenger and … Continue reading 9.9 Transportation: Aviation