13.2 Electronics: Cloud – gaming, Netflix and Storage

Author: Emaan Murad ABSTRACT: This article discusses the positive effects of Cloud Computing on the environment and how companies are acknowledging these benefits to help produce clean energy. Retrieved from: https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2018/05/17/microsoft-cloud-delivers-when-it-comes-to-energy-efficiency-and-carbon-emission-reductions-study-finds/ MAIN Cloud Computing at its basic is the accessing Associate in storing info in an external location instead of a local one. This includes … Continue reading 13.2 Electronics: Cloud – gaming, Netflix and Storage

16.8 Certification Systems: CaGBC

Author: Jazmin Wolff ABSTRACT: The CaGBC, Canadian Green Building Council, sets the standards for the green building certification system and educates its members about sustainable practices. They are a not-for-profit organization that studies environmental and economic factors in order to learn from them and accelerate the transformation of green buildings throughout Canada. CAGBC : What … Continue reading 16.8 Certification Systems: CaGBC

3.1 Dealing with climate: Why 1.5 Degrees?

Author: Tara McCleery ABSTRACT: The 1.5° C limit per the Paris Agreement. Diagram 1 (Image Credit: The International Panel of Climate Change) MAIN: The Paris Agreement (‘Agreement’) is an international pact that was initiated in December 2015 and came into effect in November 2016. The Agreement is intended to reduce the effects of climate change … Continue reading 3.1 Dealing with climate: Why 1.5 Degrees?

5.5 Energy Sources: Biomass

Author: Chenjing Zheng ABSTRACT: This presentation discusses biomass energy which has become a possible alternative source to avoid or mitigate the global consumption of fossil fuel which could help nature preservation attempts implemented by public authorities. Image credit: Biomass Energy Production MAIN: The term biomass energy refers to the energy that comes from renewable organisms, … Continue reading 5.5 Energy Sources: Biomass